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What Others Are Saying

You guys did an awesome job recovering my Jet Ski seat cover. All of the seams were sewed perfectly and the material is very durable. If only I could find someone that does engine work as good as you do trim work, I would have the engine rebuilt as well. Great price, Great product, Great service!   

Thanks guys! - Mike

I just got my car back from SEAT and I couldn't be happier. I originally brought my car in to 3 different shops to get prices for having my convertible top replaced as it was damaged and old. Bobby at SEAT was the only one of the 3 to spend the time to not only look at the top, but to get in the car and inspect it from all sides so he could get me an honest estimate. While doing the replacement after removing the old top additional damage was found that could not be seen with the old top in place and SEAT went out of their way to make everything right at an incredible price. Bottom line, SEAT went above and beyond throughout the entire process to make sure that the job was done right. Even with the additional work that as found during the job, it all only took them 2 days and it looks amazing.

Thank you SEAT!

I had a new soft top and window installed on my 1998 BMW 323i. From time I initially talked to Bobby about it, then actually having it done and picking it up was all superlative. The actual work including ordering the top and installation took under a week and actually I was tardy because of my schedule. When picking up the vehicle Bobby made sure I know how to maintain it properly. I think Jonathan was expecting a car based business where repairs are done to be bid on immediately, nope not how it works, car has to be seen to see what actually needs to be done and what grade of material you want to use etc.. I am in the car business myself and totally recommend their work.